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Live on Kickstarter – A tripod that works with Android and iPhone cases too



The Pocket Tripod is a card-size iPhone tripod that can adjust to any angle. Back in 2013, we launched our first campaign for the Pocket Tripod on Kickstarter. Thanks to the help of 2,565 amazing backers, we were able to raise close to $85K, almost twice our funding goal.

Our 2013 project received a lot of positive attention, and most notably from Apple Co-Founder Steve Wozniak, who said on Gizmodo:

“why didn’t someone do this before” and “what a great idea that I wish I’d thought of.” – Steve Wozniak, Apple Co-Founder

However, this was also an opportunity for a lot of our backers to give their feedback on our product. The most requested feature was to make the Pocket Tripod compatible with all phones and to not limit it to just bare iPhones. We listened and got to work on designing an updated Pocket Tripod, one which has a universal opening shape.All-sizes-summary-3 So instead of having the opening shape of the Pocket Tripod match only the cross-section of bare iPhones, we made it in a shape that would match the cross-section of at least 80% of the most popular cases on the market.

Once we refined the design, we made the universal opening shape in a range of sizes, each with a wider opening than the next by an increment of 0.5 mm. Fine enough to coincide with the thickness of almost any device on the market and any case.



Our second Kickstarter Campaign

Last week, on May 10th 2016, we launched our second crowdfunding campaign for the Pocket Tripod on Kickstarter. The campaign reached and overshot its funding goal in less than 2 days thanks to an overwhelming support from backers. Currently, the campaign is featured in Kickstarter’s popular projects list and is continuously gaining popularity. The Pocket Tripod’s second Kickstarter campaign will continue to raise funds until the 4th of July.

The new Kickstarter campaign is raising funds to manufacture the various sizes of the new universal Pocket Tripod design. By manufacturing all of the Pocket Tripod sizes, we plan to make a phone tripod that can be compatible with all iPhones and most Android phones, as well as many of the most popular cases on the market.

A Phone Tripod for iPhone and Android phones that also works with most cases.

To design a phone tripod that works with most cases, we had to test some of the most popular Android and iPhone cases on the market. So we got in touch with a few of the top case manufacturers like Elago and Spigen, as well as a few of our favorites like DistillUnion and Lunatik. They generously provided us with crates of their top selling cases, in order to help us ensure that our Pocket Tripod works well with their android and iPhone cases. We got to work and began testing their cases, and cataloged their compatibility in an interactive device guide.




This intuitive guide helps you find your unique device in just a few clicks, and in a quick summary tells you how compatible your device is with the Pocket Tripod, as well as what Pocket Tripod size we recommend in order to get the best results.




Smartphones cameras are continuously becoming more and more capable. In the past couple of years, we can even see how Apple’s marketing has been shifting towards featuring the high quality of images taken with the iPhone. As phones continue to become our primary photography devices, our need for a capable tripod that is equally portable will only increase.

Adapter-swapAnother growing trend is how smartphone owners are constantly changing their phones. Whether it’s to upgrade to the latest model, or to swap between the huge selection of cases. Swapping phones has been made even easier with services like Apple’s iPhone upgrade program. So naturally, nobody wants to be stuck with an accessory that won’t work with their next phone or case. That’s why the Pocket Tripod has been designed to be future-proof. Unlike many phone accessories that become obsolete the moment that you upgrade your phone, the Pocket Tripod’s connection to your phone can be replaced with adapters that match your phone’s new size in order to continue using it. So instead of having to buy a whole new Pocket Tripod, you can simply buy the very affordable adapters.

We’ve set out to create one of the most practical phone accessories on the market. We believe that the best tripod is the one that’s with you, and with its card-size storage format, the Pocket Tripod is the only tripod that you can carry with you at all times. Back our Kickstarter campaign today to be one of the first people who’ll get their hands on the new Pocket Tripod.


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  1. Ken
    December 22, 2017 at 7:12 am ·

    I ordered a pocket tripod pro twice, one black one white both with 7.5mm adapters black and white and 12mm white adapters back in November of 2016, one I ordered was a promo deal one was full price. Yet here comes the end of December 2017 and I’ve received nothing what so ever. That’s not a fine way to get business sponsors, let alone start one. I’m disappointed to say the least, especially to waste not just time, but my trust, and my money for the thought it would be well spent in the long run with such a great invention idea. A year later, I guess I may have thought wrong.

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