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How to get on ProductHunt and why you should


As a product creator or enthusiast, you have to know what ProductHunt is. In case you don’t, the best analogy is that it’s like reddit but focused entirely on products. It’s much more than that though. People who are members ProductHunt are a welcoming crowd of early adopters, developers, investors, and journalists. They know products, so their stamp of approval is a big deal. How to get on ProductHunt may differ for each product, but here’s how we did it.

When should I post on ProductHunt?

That’s a trick question. You’re assuming that you can post on ProductHunt. At least that’s what I thought until I wanted to submit the Pocket Tripod on ProductHunt. I was a regular visitor of ProductHunt and enjoyed browsing it every once in a while to see what’s new. So naturally when it came to posting my product, I went ahead and created an account, and clicked on the ‘plus’ symbol to create my listing. Except I was faced with this message.


So, if you’re planning on posting your product on ProductHunt, become active now. Don’t wait until you’re live with your product and then decide to sign up for the first time. This was a mistake that I did, simply because of not knowing any better. Obviously, when you think about it, this rule makes sense. Otherwise anybody can post anything, and they loose their reputation as a place to find the best products.


How to get invited on ProductHunt?

So if you’re like me, you’ve waited until the last moment to post on ProductHunt, and you’ve realized that you can’t, with the exception of being invited by other members of the community. But what if you don’t know anyone? Don’t give up just yet. This is what I did. I browsed ProductHunt for products similar to mine, and found moderators or members who had posted those products. Members who were also part of the ProductHunt staff. They almost always have their contact info on their profile, usually their Twitter. Some of them even allow for private messages on Twitter. So I messaged a couple of them, and explained what I’m doing. They definitely get a ton of messages like this, so make yours as brief and informative as possible. In my message, I also included the GIF that I wanted to use. One of the members got back to me and expressed his interest and that he’ll send me an invite to post my product, and that’s how we got in.


How we got featured and ‘trending’ on ProductHunt.

Obviously the whole point of getting on ProductHunt is to get featured. There are a lot of articles from other product creators explaining their methods and rituals on how they got featured. Just do a search on Google or Quora, and you’d get quite a few interesting tips, from what time to post, to how to prepare a landing page. Honestly, I didn’t even know people do these things until an hour before writing this article.

It goes without saying that I didn’t do any of these, and our product still got featured right on top. Also, the Pocket Tripod got a ‘trending now’ status and the highest number of up-votes for any photography accessory on ProductHunt, which I think is a big deal. But how? Obviously it helps that our product is seriously a great mobile photography accessory. I might be tooting my own horn here, but try finding any other product that can fit in your wallet, but still be as reliable and functional. Of course, none of that would have mattered if it weren’t for this one thing that we did which helped get our product noticed.


A good GIF of the product in action. This may seem like a trivial tip, but without it, our unassuming and tiny card-size tripod would have gone unnoticed. When you’re scrolling through ProductHunt, you see hundreds of tiny icons with a short description of a product. Even if you read it and see the picture, because it’s new product it takes some time to understand what it’s about. But if there’s an informative moving picture, not only does it capture your attention, you also have a higher chance of know what the product is about, in just a few milliseconds.

We used this GIF, which in a glance explains exactly what the Pocket Tripod is. The icon itself is much smaller than this. But still we stuffed that small area with 3 different sequences. Yes, it’s cluttered, and yes it’s busy; but it worked.


1,000% Kickstarter funding in under 3 weeks.

That sounds like a bad title for an action movie, but it’s actually what happened. We’ve raised over $60K on Kickstarter in less than 3 weeks after launching, and we still have another 5 weeks to go. A portion of this amount was thanks to being featured on ProductHunt which helped us get pledges both directly, and indirectly. On our Google Analytics page, we can see a huge rush of traffic coming from ProductHunt on the day it was featured. A large portion of these visitors were awesome enough to have also backed our campaign.

Visitors sent to from




ProductHunt visitors who backed our Kickstarter campaign



As you can see the day that we got featured on ProductHunt (May 20th) we saw a huge spike in traffic, and in turn backers for our Kickstarter campaign. Three days later, the Pocket Tripod was featured again on ProductHunt as a “Trending” product, which again gave us a lot of exposure.


Featured on the front page

On the first day of being featured, the Pocket Tripod was #1 on ProductHunt. Taking a screenshot a few days later, our 1st place position was overtaken by a website creation platform called and a the Google Awareness API. Still, first place for any physical product.



Featured as a trending product

On the third day, the Pocket Tripod became so popular that it became a “trending” product, and went back on top of the first page again.

Pocket Tripod Trending on Product Hunt highlight

As you can see on the Google Analytics page, this gave us a second spike in traffic. Even now, 8 days after being featured, the Pocket Tripod is the number one most up-voted photography accessory on ProductHunt, which we think is incredible.




Why you should get featured on ProductHunt.

Obviously the additional traffic and sales is always a great bonus. But the true “gold” is that ProductHunt has the unique reputation to give your product social proof. The Pocket Tripod is the most up-voted photography accessory on ProductHunt right now. We’ve actually checked the whole list under “Photography” and no other physical product has as many up-votes as the Pocket Tripod. That’s a very big deal since you must remember that the people voting or commenting on ProductHunt see and analyze a hundreds of products per week. They’re product enthusiasts, and can see and gauge how good a product is. That plus all the very positive comments on the product page are worth much more than the dollar amount you might make. Those are hard evidence that you can show investors and re-sellers that this is a product that people love. It’s not your word, it’s the opinion of a community of product experts.

Still equally as important was all the Twitter buzz that was generated. We got a ton of retweets from ProductHunt’s tweet.  I think it’s safe to say we saw our highest amount of twitter activity after the post on ProductHunt. One more thing that was a big deal for us was our placement on Google. As you know Google takes a lot of factors into deciding where to place your website in the search results. One of them is how relevant your site is and how much traffic you’re getting from other high-authority sites, such as ProductHunt. For the days that we were getting the most traffic from ProductHunt, we were also placed at the top of ‘page one’ on google for our target keyword. That placement has decreased now, but still we’re ranking higher than we used to. I wouldn’t go as far to that ProductHunt is a golden ticket for Google’s page 1 ranking, but it certainly does help with your SEO.

Other than backers and customers, the exposure from being 1st place on ProductHunt caught the attention of a lot of investors, re-sellers, and members of the media, which of course is invaluable.

Last but not least, all the extra traffic and backers, made our project on Kickstarter more “Popular” which in turn placed us higher on Kickstarter’s current most popular list, and got us more backers. So in other words, ProductHunt helped us raise almost $3000 from their direct traffic, but the momentum and buzz it generated also brought us even more backers to our Kickstarter campaign as well. 


  • To be able to post on ProductHunt you need to be a “very active” member, so get started today.
  • If you can’t, then find a community member who would agree to invite you.
  • To get featured, have a product that’s actually good, and use a catchy GIF to stand out.
  • The exposure will bring you traffic, but more importantly, social proof and it also helps with your SEO and ranking.

Thanks for following our journey. If you enjoyed reading this and genuinely like our product, please give it an upvote on ProductHunt and back our Kickstarter, or just order the Pocket Tripod from our store.


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