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Award-winning DJ/Producer Josh Coakley + Pocket Tripod PRO

From Dublin to Ibiza to Amsterdam, Josh Coakley has been the life of the party in some of the most sought-after events. The young rising star has been producing addictive House, Techno & Disco hits for years. So it was to our outmost delight to find out the award winning Irish DJ/producer has been using a Pocket Tripod PRO to capture his performances and streaming them LIVE on Facebook and Instagram for his fans around the world.



We reached out to Josh, and asked what he thought of his Pocket Tripod PRO. He told us:

“I think it’s an amazing device. It travels with me everywhere. It has become part of my kit like my headphones and USBs. It’s small, lightweight design is thinner than a credit card and fits easily in my DJ bag. I was always struggling to find a way to stream my gigs to my social audiences using anything that was available at the venues, but it always resulted in my phone falling or not getting the viewing angle I wanted. I would highly recommend Pocket Tripod to any DJ who wants to capture their live stream performances. It’s now so easy to place my phone securely in a portrait or landscape position and get the results i need every single time.” – JOSH COAKLEY

We couldn’t agree more, and are proud to support this talented artist. Be sure to follow him on social media to catch him at his next performance. (@joshcoakleyDJ)

Upcoming performances:

September 29th at The Button Factory in Dublin Ireland
October 10th at Houseworks Festival in Cork in Ireland
October 24th at ADE in Amsterdam, Netherlands

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