Sep 04

Award-winning DJ/Producer Josh Coakley + Pocket Tripod PRO

From Dublin to Ibiza to Amsterdam, Josh Coakley has been the life of the party in some of the most sought-after events. The young rising star has been producing addictive House, Techno & Disco hits for years. So it was to our outmost delight to find out the award winning Irish…
Jun 27

TechCrunch gives its stamp of approval to the Pocket Tripod

We had a very exciting day today when we saw the Pocket Tripod featured on TechCrunch, one of the world's biggest tech publications. A wonderfully thorough hands-on rewview by Haje Jan Kamps, who calls the Pocket Tripod a "tremendously useful piece of kit for smartphone photographers on the move".  It's a…
Jun 13
Jun 13

iPhone 7 Rumors: Marginal design improvements by Apple

  According to Japanese writer, Nikkei, Apple is moving to a 3-year design cycle instead of it's usual 2-year cycle that we've come to expect. This has been attributed to a few factors, but notably the 10 year anniversary in 2017. According to experts, Apple is holding off to its next major…
Jun 02
May 29

Germans recognize good engineering

A great news story on the German tech news site, MobiFlip talks about the Pocket Tripod, and was welcomed by a very enthusiastic audience. One of the commenters mentioned that "Ich finde es Klasse. ich habe etliche Stative aber oft halt nicht dabei. Das Ding hier kann einige davon ersetzen."…
May 28
May 25

The best tripod in the arena

Our friends at have a lot of great things to say about the Pocket Tripod. In their latest article "Ingenious engineering meets a good idea: a credit card-sized tripod for your smartphone" they tell their readers about the crafty design of the Pocket Tripod. It's important to note that PhoneArena…
May 24

The Pocket Tripod gets love from Norway

  The Pocket Tripod got some love today from which is a great news site from Norway. The article called "Pocket Tripod - kamerastativet du kan ha i lommeboka" talks about the capabilities of the Pocket Tripod and our new Kickstrater campaign. Thank you Pål Olsen! If you can…
May 18

HiConsumption features the Pocket Tripod

HiConsumption is a very cool lifestyle magazine that caters to men, covering the latest news in gadgets, architecture, design, fashion, art, and vehicles. So we were very excited to see the Pocket Tripod featured in it. They tell their readers about our Kickstarter campaign have have very nice things to…