May 17

The Hype Is Real

We're excited to see an article written about the Pocket Tripod on HYPEBEAST magazine, with the subtitle reading "The Woz-approved accessory gets a couple of much-needed adaptability upgrades". In case you don't already know, HYPEBEAST is a trendy online magazine that covers trendy fashion, art, news and cool products. Ben Roazen gives…
May 17

Pocket Tripod featured in The Verge!

  The Pocket Tripod was just featured in one our favorite news sites, the Verge. Ashley Carman talks about what we're doing with the new Pocket Tripod, in her short and sweet article called "Pocket Tripod is back, and now it's universal". Read the full story on The Verge. Be sure to…
May 15
May 14
Sep 09

Apple iPhone 6s and 6s Plus announcement

Today was a very exciting day for Apple fans, with the introduction of the next generation Apple TV, iPad, and of course iPhones 6s and 6s Plus. At Geometrical we were eagerly watching the Keynote to see if the rumors were true that Apple is increasing the thickness of the new…
Apr 10

Why you’re not using your iPhone’s time-lapse

Let's face it. We all carry this state-of-the-art camera in our pockets called the iPhone, but we barely use it to its full potential. When Apple introduced the time-lapse feature with iOS 8, we were all excited to start using it. But when we did eventually get our hands on it, that didn't seem to be…
Feb 24
Dec 13

The Coolest Gift for Someone With an iPhone

For the gadget-lover on your holiday’s gift list who appreciates great design and functionality, the Pocket Tripod will definitely blow their mind. This credit card-size iPhone stand is easily the coolest gift for someone with an iPhone. It fits in any wallet, so they don’t need to remember to carry…
Dec 01
Oct 30
Pocket Tripod used for holding device when capturing iPhone time lapse of pumpkin carving

How to capture an iPhone time lapse

Whether you’ve just bought a new iPhone 6 or 6 Plus, or simply upgraded to iOS 8, a neat feature that you should definitely try is capturing iPhone time lapse videos. In this post we’ll go over the basics of how to film a proper iPhone time lapse video.…