3 Reasons to Start Filming Your Yoga Sessions with Your Pocket Tripod PRO!


So why would you choose o film your Yoga Sesh with your iPhone + Pocket Tripod PRO anyway?

I've got you! Here's 3 really good reasons to just start filming those Yoga sessions no matter why you choose to practice Yoga. Are you a teacher? Great! Teach more classes online by using our Pocket Tripod PRO & your iPhone! Hello? So easy! Are you a Yoga Student who really wants to perfect your form and gain more zen, we got you too! What better way to review your form than by watching a recorded video of your sessions right?

In case you're still not convinced here's 3 more fun tips to get you inpsired to just start!

  • Your Phone + Tripod are probably in your hand right now (or in your pocket! 😉). You can stop endlessly browsing for cameras on Amazon and just get going. Start with what you have! Truly, just start!

  • Incredible 4k video quality. The quality of the video you can capture with your iPhone today is ubeliveable! For streaming video, do not worry about the quality. It will be more than adequate (we promise!). “The video quality is terrible on this yoga video”, said no student ever. The point is, you've got things to do! Whether it's to film your class for your followers, or just film a session for yourself to perfect your form, just film!

  • No learning curve. There are no instruction manuals, help documents, or time spent in frustration trying to figure something out. Hit record and start teaching what you love, or just recording your sessions to perfect your zen! Ahhh, this is so easy right!?

Happy Zenning! 😉

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