Pocket Tripod Adapters iphone 5s clear bgThe Pocket Tripod is designed to fit snug with the device placed in it. This is necessary to provide smooth and precise angle adjustments. To accommodate for the large variations in device thicknesses, we plan to manufacture a series of adapters, which can be used to achieve the best fit between the device and the Pocket Tripod, for most variations. The Pocket Tripod is not limited to only Apple iPhones. In fact, as long as your device fit any of our existing adapters, it will work just as well. However, it should be kept in mind that certain devices may be heavier or larger than the iPhone, causing instabilities at certain tilt angles.

Pocket Tripod compatibility Case

Case or Bumper

Many smartphone users prefer to protect their device with a case or a bumper. We know it’s not convenient to take off the cover. That’s why we’ve designed adapters with larger openings that will accommodate phones with covers.
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Pocket Tripod compatibility non-Apple

Android Smartphones

The iPhone was the first device that the Pocket Tripod was designed for, due to the simplicity of its geometry. However, the Pocket Tripod can work with any smartphone that fits with any of its many models.
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Is your device not listed?

You can use this card to measure its unique size, and order the appropriate Pocket Tripod size.

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