360 Degrees of Angle Adjustment

The Pocket Tripod is the only portable iPhone stand capable of adjusting the tilt angle of the device to any angle. It’s swivelling adapter components hold the iPhone and can adjust within a 90 degree range. Since the iPhone can be placed in the Pocket Tripod on any of its edges, a combination of four 90º sweeps allow the Pocket Tripod achieve 360 degrees of angle adjustment.

Ultra Thin. Ultra Portable.

Even the best accessory for your iPhone is useless if you don’t have it with you when you need it. Luckily the Pocket Tripod transforms to the shape of a credit card, and fits in practically any wallet. You store it and forget it, until you need it to capture that perfect moment. When in it’s storage form, the Pocket Tripod occupies the same space as two standard credit cards stacked on top.

Unobstructed View, in Portrait and Landscape

The Pocket Tripod is the only portable iPhone stand the size of a couple of credit cards, that can hold your device without obstructing its screen. In portrait, the swivelling components that hold the phone stand just below the screen. It’s unique design allows the Pocket Tripod’s two halves to come apart and be placed on either side of the screen. Not only this makes the screen perfectly viewable, it also adds to the footprint of the stand, making even more stable, which becomes ideal for watching videos in moving vehicles such as trains or airplanes. The Pocket Tripod also keeps your device 0.5 inch above the surface its placed on, keeping it safe from accidental spills.