Pocket Tripod on Kickstarter

2016 Kickstarter

On May 10th 2016 we launched our second Kickstarter campaign for the Pocket Tripod. We’re raising funds in order to pay for the production of the Pocket Tripod in a large range of sizes so that it can be compatible with as many phones as possible.


2013 Kickstarter

The Pocket Tripod was successfully funded with the help of the most popular crowd-funding platform, Kickstarter.com.

The fundraising campaign raised almost twice the funding amount needed to bring the Pocket Tripod to market. With the help of 2,565 Backers, the Pocket Tripod’s Kickstarter campaign raised $84,457 in one month.


Special thanks to the following backers for pledging the highest amounts, as well as being the most active supporters of the Pocket Tripod’s Kickstarter project.

Alain Jacob Canada
Brett Martin United States
Brooks Dougherty United States
Cesareo T Bermundo Philippines
Daniel Geigerman United States
Ehab Siqnawi United States
FadlAlla Abdel Karim Canada
Farhad Mohit United States
Garrett Lubertine United States
George P Taylor United States
Gloria DARLING United States
Junaid Ahmed United States
Kenichiro Yuasa Japan
Kent Marshall United States
Kunaal Majmudar Canada
Lawrence Demack United States
M.GUITTON Guénaël France
Magdalene Teo Singapore
Mark Levy Canada
Maryam Stevens United States
Marzouq AlGhanim United States
Max Talan United States
Michael Nienaltowski United States
Mohammed Sabbar United Kingdom
Muhammad Anis Younus United States
Nathan Smith Australia
Naveed Nour United States
Omar B. Unknown
Paul John Lee Philippines
Rama Radmard UAE
Ramak Radmard Canada
Raymond Ser Singapore
Reed Marquand United States
Richard Burke, Jr United States
Robert Hoffman United States
Ross McAllister United States
Roy Moussa Norway
Samin Sadeghi Canada
Soroush Ehsani-Yeganeh Canada
Stephen Wheet United States
Steve King United States
Steven Landau United States
Van Ngo United States
Vernon Davis United States
WAYNE DANIELL United Kingdom