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Upcoming Events

May 10th 2016 Kickstarter Launch

We’ve launched our second Kickstarter campaign since our first one in 2013. One of the most requested features was to make the Pocket Tripod compatible with cases and Android phones.

In this new campaign, we are are introducing our new universal Pocket Tripod line which is designed to work with almost any phone and protective case. The universal Pocket Tripod comes in 15 sizes, ranging from 5.5 mm to 12.5 mm. The “size” refers to the opening cutouts that hold the device. The sizes are designed  in fine increments of 0.5 mm, and the intention is to have a size that will coincide with the thickness of almost any device, and or case.

Sizes 7.0 mm, 7.5 mm, and 9.0 mm are already available and in stock on our online store. With the funds raised through our 2016 Kickstarter, we plan to make all the sizes in between available too, with the following sizes becoming available as an extend goal: 5.5 mm, 6.0 mm, 6.5 mm


Your audience may like to know:

What size do I need?

Instead of having a specific Pocket tripod for each phone model or case (like we used to), now we only have 15 sizes. We’ve tested most of the popular devices and cases, and determined which size will provide the best fit. You can easily find the best size for your device using our Device Guide.

Alternatively, if we haven’t already tested your unique device, you can use our measurement template called the “Fit Card” to determine its size.

If you are able to measure your devices’s thickness, from the screen’s glass to the back of the phone, then just pick the closest smaller size for a snug fit. Example, if you have an iPhone 6s with a thickness of 7.10 mm, then pick the 7.0 mm Pocket Tripod.

What if I'm planning on buying the new iPhone 7?

You have the choice to pick “iPhone 7” as a reward type on our Kickstarter and store page.

We plan to make Pocket Tripods that will match the upcoming iPhone’s size. As soon as we have the confirmed dimensions released by Apple in September, we’ll start the production. We plan to have them shipped along with the rest of the rewards in October.

Can I be sure I'll get my reward?

Yes! This is our second Kickstarter campaign. We shipped all the rewards to our backers from our first campaign on time. We’ve tackled all the production challenges that we’ve faced in the past 3 years. Our production process has become very streamlined an efficient. The funds raised in the second Kickstarter campaign will be going towards paying for minor tooling costs as well as the cost of production of the products. Furthermore, it’s worth mentioning that in the past 3 years we’ve sold thousands of Pocket Tripod to very happy customers who’ve been impressed by the Pocket Tripod’s capabilities.

What if it breaks, or if there's a defect?

All Pocket Tripods are individually tested for functionality. They are made of the highest quality materials. The Pocket Tripod is backed by a lifetime warranty agains manufacturer’s defects and loss of function under normal use.