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Between Nov 25th to Nov 30th, Pocket Tripod will be offering bundles and giveaways to three lucky winners

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Cyber Monday Bundles

Take advantage of savings, extra gifts, and free shipping with each of our bundle choices. Whether for you or a friend, we make it easy to choose whichever bundle fits what you’re looking for.

Our New Bundles Have Arrived

The more you buy the more you save!

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Cyber Monday Bundle



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$51 Discount

  • Four (4) Universal Kits
  • Four (4) Rare Adapters
  • One Shutter Remote
  • Free Shipping

Cyber Monday Duo Bundle



$20 Discount

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  • Two (2) Universal Kits
  • One Shutter Remote
  • Free Shipping


**Both bundles will be shipped Nov 30th**

Looking For The Perfect Gift

Pocket Tripod is currently partnered with iPhone Photography Course, delivering promotional rates on their best selling course, “Capture It All”. This online course will show you all the tricks and iPhone camera settings you’ve been missing out on.

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Spend Big Win Big

We’ll be raffling away three major prizes for you to win this holiday season. You get one entry for each order that falls within each of our spending tiers. The more you spend, the more entries you can earn.

Pocket Tripod’s
Raffle Spending Tiers

  • Orders Over $100 Qualify To Win a $1,000 Amazon Gift Card
  • Orders Over $60 Qualify To Win a $500 Amazon Gift Card
  • Orders Over $30 Qualify To Win Our Custom Gift Box

Orders Over $100

$1000 Amazon Gift Card

Our biggest winner will enjoy an Amazon gift card that has $1,000 USD worth of spend available. Feel free to use the spend on yourself or cross out Christmas shopping early using your winnings. Either way, we wish you luck!

Orders Over $60

$500 Amazon Gift Card

The next prize we’re offering is another Amazon gift card, but this one has $500 USD worth of spending available for use.

Orders Over $30

Pocket Tripod Gift Box

Our custom gift card comes with a Universal Kit, Shutter Remote, a Ridge Wallet, and two free courses from iPhone Photography Course.

OFFER Ending Soon!

Don’t miss out on our new bundles and spending tier giveaway! Bundle sale and giveaway ends Nov 30th!

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