The best Phone Stand for Content Creation

You are a digital content creator and a video enthusiast who

✈️ Is always on the go

📸 Is always looking for the next amazing shot

❤️ Wants to capture memories and share experiences

💰 Doesn't want to spend a lot on expensive gear

⚡️ Wants to be ready when inspiration strikes

🏃 Is active and doesn't want to carry heavy gear 

The perfect tool for content creation

iPhone taking a video on a Pocket Tripod on the ledge of a balcony.

Quick Setup

Set up your phone quickly, anywhere, anytime and get the footage you need for your vlogs. Whether you're shooting B-Roll, thumbnails or a full production, the Pocket Tripod allows you set up your shots quickly and move between locations and settings freely.

The Bluetooth Shutter remote being triggered in Times Square New York

Remotely trigger your phone

Easily start and stop recording from a distance. No need to leave the frame to hit record. Try as many poses as you need, without the need to run back to the phone and set a timer.

Once you pair the remote shutter via bluetooth, it connects instantly every time you switch it on. Ready in a moment's notice.

An iPhone on a Pocket Tripod taking a video of at an airport next to a wallet and a passport

Ultra Light & TSA Safe

Unlike big and bulky metal tripods that are a hassle to bring onboard, the Pocket Tripod is a breeze to travel with. The non-metal and light (0.4 ounce) construction removes the burden of carrying it everyday.

It fits in your wallet and goes wherever you do. No precious space taken up in your carry-on, and you’ll never forget it!

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