Fit Card

Use this card to find the best Pocket Tripod fit for your device and case/bumper combination. Shipping is included in the 99¢ price.


Using a Fit Card, the exact fit of a device can be measured. The process is similar to determining one’s shoe size using a shoe scale. The Fit Card has openings that have the exact geometries of Adapters designed for the Pocket Tripod.

If you have purchased a Pocket Tripod, it would have included a Fit Card. If you haven’t, then you can get a Fit Card shipped to you for just 99¢ and use it to measure your device before purchasing a Pocket Tripod

Measuring the size of your device using a Fit Card is very simple.

  1. Hold your device in one hand, the Fit Card in the other.
  2. Place your device in an opening that is obviously larger than your device.
  3. Work your way through smaller openings until you find one that fits snugly.
  4. Note the size.
  5. Test to see if there is too much wiggle, if so, you can probably still fit the device in an opening that is one size smaller.
  6. Order the matching size Pocket Tripod or just the Adapters.

Make sure the size you pick is comfortable to place your device in with the least amount of wiggle. It will have the same fit as the actual adapter, since they both have the same geometry.