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Frequently Asked Questions

Buying Questions

What's the difference between the Universal Kit model and the Single Size model?

Both are exactly the same Pocket Tripod PRO. The only difference is that the Universal Kit package includes extra Adapters in sizes that are most popular as well as a coupon code that can be used to order an extra pair of Adapters in any of the sizes not included in the box. The Single Size package on the other hand only comes with the size you order pre-installed on the Pocket Tripod PRO. So it’s important to order the size that matches the thickness of your current device when ordering the Single Size model.

If I order the Single Size model, how do I know what size I need?

On the single size Pocket Tripod PRO page, you will find an extensive list of many of the most popular devices and the size we recommend for each.

If your device is not listed, please follow the provided instructions on how to measure the thickness of your device.

What if I order the wrong size?

If the size we’ve recommended for a particular phone and or case does not provide you with a perfect fit for it, we will exchange your Adapters to the size you need. If the size was determined by you, then you may purchase a pair of Adapters in the size you need.

I'm not sure about the exact thickness of my phone, what are my options?

Most bare phones are listed on our Single Size Pocket Tripod PRO page. If your phone has an unlisted case,  and if measuring the exact thickness of your phone’s case is not possible, then we recommend to either:

A.) Purchase a Universal Kit Pocket Tripod PRO which comes with the most common Adapter sizes, as well as a coupon for ordering a pair of Adapters in any of the sizes not included.

B.) Purchase a Single Size Pocket Tripod PRO but in a size that is obviously larger than the thickness of your phone. It will function well, but since it won’t be a snug fit, your phone will be free to move if the set angle is very close to the vertical position.

Will it still work if the opening size is significantly larger than the thickness of the phone?

Yes! Especially if the Adapters are installed in the reverse direction (also known as PRO mode).

The only downside to not having a snug fit is that the phone has room to move. This is not an issue if the angle of the phone is larger than 20 degrees from the vertical position, as the weight of the phone itself causes it to lean in place. However if the angle is closer to the vertical position, the phone is able to move more freely without being constrained. This can become a problem in windy conditions, but it’s not a significant issue indoors.

What if I upgrade my phone or change it's case?

The half-circular parts that hold your device, called the Adapters, are interchangeable. We carry a range of 15 Adapter sizes that can be swapped to match the thickness of your future devices. Adapters are available in any size between 5.5 mm (1/4 inch) and 12.5 mm (1/2 inch). You can order Adapters directly from our store.

Do you ship to my country?

We ship from the U.S. domestically to all addresses in the United States. We also ship internationally via USPS First Class Mail to 180 countries worldwide. However we do not ship to the following sanctioned countries: Cuba, Iran, North Korea, Sudan, Syria.

Is there a difference between the different colors?

No, all of the Pocket Tripod PROs are made the same way, and they all function the same. The difference in color is only a cosmetic.

Does the Pocket Tripod PRO work with non-Apple / Android phones?

Yes, the Pocket Tripod PRO is designed to be universal. The only thing you need for compatibility is for the opening size to match the thickness of your device, regardless of the make and model. An extensive list of devices and their recommended sizes are available on the product page for the Single Size Pocket Tripod PRO.

Does the Pocket Tripod PRO work cases and or screen protectors?

Yes, thanks to soft contact points, your screen protector or delicate leather case will be protected against scratches.

In terms of compatibility, the only thing to keep in mind is for the opening size to match the thickness of your device with a case and screen protector. The largest available opening size is 12.5 mm (1/2 inch). An extensive list of cases and their recommended sizes are available on the product page for the Single Size Pocket Tripod PRO.

Warranty and Technical Questions

Is there any warranty on the Pocket Tripod PRO?

Yes! The Pocket Tripod PRO is backed with by our limited lifetime warranty against manufacturer defects or failure under normal use. If any of the parts break, we will replace that component so you can have a working tripod again.

Is it normal to feel a difference in resistance when rotating the Adapters?

Yes, it’s normal. No two Adapters are produced exactly the same. Some difference is normal because there is always some variability in production. We suggest reversing the Adapters from standard mode to PRO mode as well, as this sometimes assists in a more uniform feel. However, if the resistance is too high or too low to the point of making your tripod unusable, please let us know so that we can replace the Adapters for you at no extra cost.

A piece of my Pocket Tripod PRO broke off, is this covered under warranty?

Yes. Your Pocket Tripod PRO is backed with a lifetime warranty against defects under normal use. Although very rare, sometimes some parts might be defective and sections of them may snap off under normal use. If this has happened to your Pocket Tripod PRO, please email us and include a picture of the broken piece. Unless there’s signs of excessive bending or misuse, we will send you replacement parts so that you can have a working tripod again.

What are the differences between the first-generation Pocket Tripod and the Pocket Tripod PRO?

The new features of the Pocket Tripod PRO are highlighted here. The Pocket Tripod PRO has carbon fiber legs for extra rigidity as well as soft contact points for a scratch-free grip to your phone. It also has a new and improved center pin which is much more durable. The Pocket Tripod PRO also has angle indicators for determining the tilt angle of your phone. Plus it’s available in 5 new special edition colors.

Are the Adapters for the Pocket Tripod PRO compatible with the first generation pocket Tripod?

No, if you have a first-generation Pocket Tripod, please email us for a special discount code to purchase a replacement Pocket Tripod PRO.

Do I need a special wallet to carry my Pocket Tripod PRO?

No, any wallet that is design to hold standard credit cards is ideal. Keep in mind that the Pocket Tripod PRO is 2.29 mm (0.090 inch) thick. So it takes exactly the same space as two embossed credit cards stacked on top.

We do recommend carrying your tripod in a wallet instead of it being just in your pocket, as the wallet will protect it against bending excessively and potentially breaking if sat on.

Operation Questions

How do you separate the two halves, and put them back?

Rotate one half by 90 degrees, so that the two halves are perpendicular to each other, then pull them apart.

To put them back together, align the center pin to the hinge while holding the two halves perpendicular to each other. Next, push the pin back into the hinge until you feel a click.

How do I adjust the tilt angle in a 180 degree range?

The Pocket Tripod PRO in standard mode can adjust the angle of your device in 90 degree sweeps in the direction of the long legs of the tripod (legs with GEOMETRICAL engraving). At the starting 0 degree position, your device can be inserted in either direction. By alternating the direction of your tripod, you can adjust the angle of your device to any angle within 180 degrees.

What's the advantage of reversing the Adapters?

By reversing the Adapters from Standard to PRO mode, you can also access an additional 15 degrees in angle adjustment range in each swipe. Additionally, since the radial rails are fully engaged when the device is at 35 degrees, heavier devices can be held at steeper angles.

Most importantly, in PRO mode the tripod is able to hold devices with highly curved edges. This is due to the fact that the weight-bearing contact point of the Adapters are further away from the edge of the device, essentially making it a deeper cut-out.

What are the angles of the angle indicator markings?

Minor lines are 5 degrees apart, and major lines 15 degrees apart.