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No Selfie Stick Required

No Selfie Stick Required

Set up your perfect shot without the awkward arm in either landscape or portrait mode.

Stable At Any Angle

Stable At Any Angle

No more letting strangers take a bad pic. The Pocket Tripod PRO holds your phone in the exact angle that you want.

Always With You

Always With You

The Pocket Tripod PRO unfolds down to the thickness of 2 credit cards, and is strong enough to withstand the pressure of a wallet.

Free US Shipping

Free US Shipping

Get FREE US delivery and returns for orders over $40

Lifetime Warranty

Lifetime Warranty

We'll ensure that your Pocket Tripod PRO lasts, even if it breaks by accident

30-Day Money-Back Guarantee

30-Day Money-Back Guarantee

No questions asked - if you're not satisfied, we'll give you your money back

All You Need

Leave your bulky tripod at home. It's easy to be spontaneous when you always have a Pocket Tripod PRO with you.



Long Exposure

Video Calls

Nothing is better at making your travel video pop than an epic time-lapse. Whether you capture a sequence of stills, or use the native Time-Lapse app, you need a way to keep your camera steady for a long time. The Pocket Tripod PRO is perfect for when you don't have a big camera or tripod with you, but just can't miss the chance to capture the moment.

The best camera tripod is the one that's with you. You don't have to ask strangers for pictures anymore or carry an awkward selfie stick. Take candid-style selfies with your Pocket Tripod PRO.

Light Painting is one of the coolest things you can do with a tripod. Leave the shutter open to capture light streaks. You can even use this technique to amplify the details in low-light scenes.

All play and no work? Do hands-free Zoom calls for work and school without being glued to a laptop. Or get TikTok famous and quit your job. Either way you need a Pocket Tripod PRO.

Your Most Practical Phone Accessory

Designed for maximum functionality and portability, the Pocket Tripod PRO delivers all of the essential features you'd expect from a full-size tripod. Carbon fiber legs, angle indicator, soft-contact grip, and fluid tilt adjustment are all packed into the same space as two stacked credit cards.

Soft Contact

Card Size

Carbon Fiber

Angle Indicator

Grey Fit Card

Soft contact points securely grip on to your device, making it safe for delicate cases and screen protectors.

A Pocket Tripod for your pocket camera. Taking the space of only two stacked credit cards, the Pocket Tripod PRO discreetly fits in any wallet or purse. So it's always with you when you need it.

Real carbon fiber is CNC cut to form the legs of the Pocket Tripod PRO. This gives it enhanced rigidity to hold the weight of your phone without sacrificing flexibility for comfort in your wallet.

Provides a precise reference for pointing to key angles. 5° minor and 15° major divisions.

Included with every package is a Grey Fit Card. This useful wallet-size tool can help you calibrate your camera's White Balance. The openings all around it function as a millimeter pocket caliper and can be used to measure the thickness of your device.

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Universal + Adjustable

The Pocket Tripod PRO's Adapters enable it to be universally compatible with any phone up to 1/2 inch (12.5 mm).

Fluid Tilt

Interchangeable Adapters

Universal Fit

Adapters connect to the carbon fiber legs via precise radial rails. These rails rotate fluidly to keep your mobile device steady at any set tilt angle.

Adapters can be swapped to provide a snug fit with any phone or case. The openings on the Adapters match the thickness of your phone. The Universal Kit includes 7 of the most common sizes (from 8.0 MM to 10.5 MM, and 12.5 MM). Plus a unique coupon code for ordering any of the seven uncommon sizes not already included in the box - FREE of charge.

The openings on the Adapters follow the cross-section profile of most phones and cases. This universal design only needs to match the thickness of your device from screen to back for compatibility. By swapping to the matching size, you can keep your Pocket Tripod PRO compatible with your latest phone and case.

Range of Motion

180 degrees of tilt angle adjustment in both portrait and landscape. Large devices (screen > 4.7") stay stable in portrait up to 45°.


The Pocket Tripod PRO works with all phones (including Android) and all cases that are less than 12,5 MM (~1/2 INCH) thick. The part that grips on to your phone has been designed to have a universal profile that matches the shape of 99.9% of cases an all smartphones. This package includes 7 of the most common sizes, plus a coupon for any size not included.

Search for your device below to check its compatibility with the sizes included in the Universal Kit package.


The Pocket Tripod PRO is only 2.29 mm thick (0.09 inches). It occupies the same profile as a standard credit card at 3 3/8" (85.6 mm x 54.0 mm).


Adapter opening sizes range from 6.0 mm (~1/4") up to 12.5 mm (~1/2"). The opening has a universal design to fit any device with or without a case that has a thickness that falls within the smallest and largest size available.
Total of 14 sizes available, each 0.5 mm larger than the next.


What's Included

What's Included
Pocket Tripod Pro

Pocket Tripod Pro

7 adapter pairs

7 adapter pairs

Fit card

Fit card





1 Credit for additional  Adapters

1 Credit for additional Adapters

Learn more about what's inside the box.


1 Pocket Tripod PRO

Real carbon fiber legs. Select the color when ordering.
10.0 MM Adapters come pre-installed, and can be swapped with any other size necessary.

7 Adapters pairs

Interchangeable Adapters are included in 7 of the most common sizes:
7.5 MM to 10.0 MM & 12.5 MM
These sizes fit will provide a snug fit for phones and cases.

Fit card

For measuring thickness (size) of mobile device. Can also be used as an 18% grey card for calibrating your camera's White Balance adjustment.


Step by step user manual with illustrations and tips.


Reusable high-density foam with dedicated compartments for each Adapter size for easy access and storage.

1 Credit for additional adapters

For 1 extra pair of Adapters in any of the 7 uncommon sizes not included.
Sizes: 6.0 MM to 7.0 MM and 10.5 MM to 12.0 MM (free shipping).
Each box has a unique code inside. If you buy an additional pair of Adapters in the size you need before receiving your Universal Kit, we can still refund you for it by applying the code inside your box manually. Simply email us a picture of the code inside of your Universal Kit box after you receive it. Each unique code is worth $5 USD applicable to the purchase of Adapters only and does not expire.

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