Essential iPhone XS Accessory.

Designed for maximum functionality and portability, the Pocket Tripod PRO delivers all of the essential features you’d expect from a full-size tripod. Carbon fiber legs, angle indicator, soft-contact grip, and fluid tilt adjustment are all packed into the same space as two stacked credit cards.

The Pocket Tripod PRO is designed to be universally compatible with any phone up to 1/2 inch thick (12.5 mm). It works with Android phones, as well as phones with cases. Whether you have a bare iPhone X or a Note 9 in a case, the Pocket Tripod PRO will be your most practical accessory.

Full Control

Thanks to its precise angle adjustment capability, you can use any surface to prop up your device in order to make hands-free FaceTime calls and broadcast LIVE videos.

Easy To Be Creative

Its robust construction makes the Pocket Tripod PRO perfect for filming breathtaking time-lapse videos anywhere.

Steve Wozniak

“I’m still blown away that the angle is adjustable like that. I like things this small and compact, as I travel constantly. This ‘tripod’ will be useful to me and I will definitely add it to my backpack.”

– Apple co-founder, Steve Wozniak,


The Pocket Tripod started a successful Kickstarter projects back in 2013, and a second one in 2016. It raised over 380,000 USD through Kickstarter and Indiegogo alone with over 12,000 backers.



ProductHunt’s most up-voted physical photography accessory, at the time it was featured. Currently in the top-10 category.

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“it’s a tremendously useful piece of kit for smartphone photographers on the move”

-Haje Jan Kamps,

Built to Last

The Pocket Tripod PRO is engineered to be robust and durable. Carbon fiber legs are CNC cut and embedded in high-tech plastics. Each unit is individually tested for quality and functionality and is backed by our lifetime warranty against wear and defects.

All You Need

Leave your bulky tripod at home. This phone tripod hides in your wallet until you need it. With a simple twist and flip it transforms into an adjustable tripod for your iPhone or Android phone.