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Leave your bulky tripod at home. The pocket tripod is a must-have gadget for your iPhone that discreetly hides away in your wallet or purse until it’s needed. It quickly transforms into an adjustable stand with a simple twist and flip.

Full Control

Thanks to its precise angle adjustment capability, you can use any surface to prop up your device in order to make hands-free FaceTime calls. Its robust construction makes it perfect for taking creative long-exposure images, and filming breathtaking time-lapse videos.

“I’m still blown away that the angle is adjustable like that. I like things this small and compact, as I travel constantly. This ‘tripod’ will be useful to me and I will definitely add it to my backpack.”

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– Steve WozniakApple Co-Founder

Built to Last

The Pocket Tripod is made of high-tech plastics, engineered to be robust and durable. It’s been designed for maximum functionality of its remarkably thin and compact profile. Each unit is individually tested for quality and functionality and is backed with a lifetime warranty against wear and defects.


The Crowd Loves It

The funds required to manufacture the pocket tripod were raised with the help of 2,565 backers on Kickstarter. Thanks to their overwhelming support, we were able to raise almost twice our funding goal and start production of the Pocket Tripod.

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What if I upgrade my phone or change the cover?

The half-circular parts that hold your device, called the Adapters, are interchangeable. We carry various sizes of inexpensive parts that can be ordered and swapped with the existing adapters. If you change your device, you can order the new size you need from our store.

How do I know what size Pocket Tripod I need?

If your device is not listed, you will be able to measure the size of your device using a Fit Card. The openings on the Fit Card have the same shape and size as the our various models. If it fits well in the Fit Card, your device will work just as well with the equivalent size Pocket Tripod, or Adapters.

Does it work with a case or a screen protector?

Yes, depending on your device and the thickness of your case. We have a large range of sizes that you can pick from. You simply need to make sure that the thickness of your device, measured from the screen to the back of the cover matches the size you choose. An easy way to find out is to use a Fit Card. You can request a Fit Card for 99¢ in order to pick the perfect size Pocket Tripod.

What if any of the parts break or wear out?

The Pocket Tripod is backed with a lifetime limited warranty against manufacturer’s defects. If any of the parts break or wear out under normal use, we can replace the parts or the whole unit.

Can a non-Apple device work with it?

Yes, of course. As long as your device has a thickness equal to the opening size of any of our available Pocket tripods, the brand doesn’t matter.

Does the Pocket Tripod work with the iPad?

Not the current model. But we’re working on a new scaled-up version of the Pocket Tripod that can hold the iPads.
The current model is too small to hold the weight of the iPad or the iPad mini. This small size is constrained by the Pocket Tripod’s size in its card form. But since iPad users, unlike iPhone users, don’t carry their devices in their pockets, we’re planning on making a Pocket Tripod that will attach to the back of the iPad instead of fitting in a wallet for the iPad.
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Your most essential iPhone accessory.

A tripod that works with Android and iPhone cases too, this card-size iPhone tripod adjusts to any angle to help you create amazing time-lapses and long exposure light-paintings. Hands-free FaceTime calls and watching videos on-the-go has never been this convenient. Leave that awkward selfie stick at home and keep this discreet tripod in your wallet for your next awesome photo.