The best iPhone stand for photos

You're a photography enthusiast

🌅 You never want to miss an opportunity to take a great picture 

🌙 You like to take low light photographies

📸 You like to take wide angle pictures

🎬 You like to be creative and shoot from different angles

The perfect photography tool

The legs of the Pocket Tripod separated to create a wider base and balance a phone on an uneven rocky surface


On any surface at any angle with any smartphone. The Pocket Tripod takes all the hassles of dealing with your tech out of the way so you can let your creativity take over.

Make the most out of your surroundings by capturing angles and perspectives that would be hard to reach with other phone stands and mobile tripods.

A bluetooth shutter remote being triggered to take a picture or video

Remotely trigger your phone

Take the perfect shot from a distance with the bluetooth shutter remote coupled with your Pocket Tripod. Try as many poses as you need, without the need to run back to the phone and set a timer.

Once you pair the remote shutter via bluetooth, it connects instantly every time you switch it on. Ready in a moment's notice.

A phone in horizontal orientation being used with long exposure to capture a fire splint light painting


Stability is key for clear photos, and the Pocket Tripod will make sure that your photos don’t turn out blurry and you get the exact shot you want.

It's also perfect for long exposure and time-lapses so you can get creative and capture the most unique shots.

Photography Blog

Jun 08, 2023
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