Fit Card
Fit Card

Fit Card

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Included with every tripod purchase is a wallet-size template for measuring the thickness of a device. The openings on a Fit Card are the same as the 15 sizes of the Pocket Tripod PRO. 

This template can also be bought separately to verify the compatibility of an unlisted device in advance. 



Use the openings on the edge of the Fit Card to find the best fit for your phone and case.

How To Measure


1x Fit Card




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How to Measure

Measuring the size of your device using a Fit Card is very simple.

  1. Hold your device in one hand, the Fit Card in the other.
  2. Place your device in an opening that is obviously larger than your device.
  3. Work your way through smaller openings until you find one that fits snugly.
  4. Note the size.
  5. Test to see if there is too much wiggle, if so, you can probably still fit the device in an opening that is one size smaller.
  6. Once you’ve determined the best size for your phone, pick it from the list of sizes on the store page.

Tip: The actual opening size on Adapters is 0.5 mm tighter than that of the Fit Card. This is to compensate for the flexibility of the soft contact points, and to result in a snug fit. If you prefer a less snug fit, we recommend ordering one size larger (+0.5 mm).

Tip:  The size is the number under the opening. In the shown example below, the size is 9.5 MM.