The best phone holder for the Gym

You love the gym or your sport and you like to share stories

🏋️ You're always up for exercising

🍿 You like to watch videos while you're working out

🎥 You like to film yourself to better understand your progress and form

🤳 You want to share your gym stories

The Best Solution for Working Out

A girl taking a video of her yoga session with an iPhone on the Pocket Tripod

Easily adjust your angles

Whether you're working out in a gym, at home, or outside, the Pocket Tripod can easily be adjusted to work within your environment to capture the exact angles you need for reviewing your form or for getting the best lighting for your gym selfies.

With 105º range of motion and the ability to work in horizontal or vertical orientation on virtually any surface, the Pocket Tripod is perfect for capturing your progress in the gym!

An iPhone on a Pocket Tripod being used to view a instructional workout video to follow along with in the gym

Watch and Learn

Follow along with your workout program, get tips from your trainer or catch up on some YouTube videos while training. Pocket Tripod's hands-free usability makes it easier to get the most out of your workout and your phone.

If you use your phone as a timer/stopwatch or keep track of your sets, reps, weights, laps etc. you can simply prop it up on the Pocket Tripod and easily access all your training apps with ease.

The card sized pocket tripod shown alongside other gym equipment like an exercise band and weights

Ultra Light & Portable

Slip it in your wallet or toss it in your gym bag. The Pocket Tripod may be the lightest piece of gym gear you'll ever get. It doesn't take up any precious space from your workout gear and at 0.4 ounces it weighs practically nothing.

And unlike traditional bulky tripods it has a tiny footprint so it takes no room on the gym floor and leaves plenty of space for you and the people around you to work out comfortably.

A bluetooth shutter remote being triggered to take a picture or video

Remotely trigger your phone

Go through your workouts without rushing back to your phone to hit record or setting a timer. Easily trigger your shutter for different poses and exercises from a distance of up to 30 ft.

Once you pair the remote shutter via bluetooth, it connects instantly every time you switch it on. Ready in a moment's notice.

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