Right-Size Guarantee

Shop with confidence, knowing that you can't go wrong. 

Our Promise

If the Pocket Tripod PRO you receive isn't the perfect size for your phone or case, we'll send you a pair of Adapters in the size you need, at no cost. 

For optimum results, your phone should fit snug inside of the openings of the Pocket Tripod PRO.

The interchangeable components that hold your device are called Adapters, which are available in 15 sizes to match the thickness of almost any phone or case.


You will be provided a store credit to order the Adapters you need at no cost (FREE shipping too). Depending on the package you have, the store credit will be emailed to you, or already included in the box

If you have the

Step ① 

Within 30 days of receiving your tripod, let us know if you need a different size by filling the form below. 

Step ②

Our staff will then email you within one business day to provide you with a store credit and link for ordering FREE Adapters in the size you need. 

We Recommend:

If your case is not yet listed on the product page, we highly recommend buying the closest approximate size first, then requesting the exact size you need after. 

If you have the

The package already contains a unique coupon code. Simply enter it at checkout to pay for the cost of a pair of Adapters in any size you need, not included in the box. 

Click on your phone model in the list below to begin filling the form. 

If your phone is not listed, please fill this form instead.