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If the tripod you buy isn't the right size for your phone or case, we'll send you a FREE pair of Adapters in the size you need.

Pocket Tripod PRO , Universal Kit

The Pocket Tripod PRO is the best pocket-sized and portable tripod / phone stand!

The Universal Kit comes with a total of 8 sizes included that work with every phone, as well as most cases.

The attractive retail box also includes dedicated compartments in high-density foam for keeping the extra Adapters organized.

If the size you need isn't in the box, use the included coupon code to order the Adapters at no additional cost.

Recommended for gifting, and if you change cases frequently.
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Bluetooth Shutter Remote

The perfect add-on for any Universal Kit, Pocket Tripod's Bluetooth Shutter Remote allows you to take photos on your phone with a simple click on the remote. There's no need for a countdown timer anymore, our shutter remote connects to any smartphone with bluetooth capabilities.

Click on the "shop" button below to find out how you can get a special offer when purchasing your own bluetooth shutter remote!

Adapters Only

With a total of 15 size to fit virtually every phone and case on the market, you only need to swap the Adapters to keep your tripod future-proof.

Every Pocket Tripod PRO includes credit to get a pair of Adapters for FREE after receiving your order, just in case you didn't get the right size.

If you need more Adapters, they can be purchased for just $5 USD.
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Fit Card
Included with every Pocket Tripod PRO purchase is a wallet-size template for measuring the thickness of a device. The openings on a Fit Card are the same as the 15 sizes of the Pocket Tripod PRO.

This template can also be bought separately to verify the compatibility of an unlisted device in advance.
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