Update Notes

2020 Pocket Tripod PRO

With the 2020 update, we’ve focused on improving the Pocket Tripod PRO’s function and appearance. Here’s the list of the improvements we’ve made, in order of importance:

  1. Function of the Adapters have been improved by making their radial rails even more precise. This means that all Adapter sizes will have a consistent fluid movement feel. Just enough resistance to hold up your device at steep angles, but still easy to rotate for adjusting angles.
  2. Snapping action of the legs have been improved. The legs snap into position more reliably, providing an even more robust feel.

  3. Adapter openings have been updated to match the size more closely. Previously they were made to be 0.5 mm (0.02”) smaller to compensate for the flexibility of the soft contact points. Upon user testing in the last 3 years, 0.2 (0.008”) mm would have been a better size difference. So, in this update they are only 0.2 mm smaller. For example, the 10.0 MM Adapter’s opening is actually 9.8 mm wide instead of 9.5 mm of the 2017 model.

  4. The base components snap into position more securely for better stability.

  5. Gaps between components have been reduced significantly for higher quality and a more solid appearance.

  6. Improved reflective surfaces highlight special PRO features such as the soft contact points on the Adapters, angle indicators, and the carbon fiber windows in the legs.

  7. The surface texture of all the components now match each other much more closely.

  8. 2020 Universal Kit includes an additional pair of Adapters (total of 7 sizes) compared to the 6 of the 2017 Universal Kit box. Included sizes have been changed to include the most popular sizes. 2020 Universal Kit includes sizes 8.0 MM ~ 10.5 MM + 12.5 MM, compared to the 2017 model that had sizes 8.0 MM ~ 10.0 MM + 11 MM.

  9. Fit Card design has been updated as well. 5.5 MM to 6.5 MM have been removed, and 11.5 MM and 12.0 MM have been added.

  10. New colors for 2020 are “Matte Black” which replaces the “All Black” model, as the new model now has a matte texture on all components. Panda, with white legs. Magma is a bright hot red, bordering an orange tone. Jasper is a pastel green with light blue tones. Thunder is a loud pink/purple with neon tones.

  11. All 2020 Universal Kit boxes have individual QR codes with a unique blockchain security code that enables tracking its origin and authenticity.