Adapters Only

Requires a Pocket Tripod PRO

Adapters are the components that grip on to your device. The Pocket Tripod PRO comes with a pre-installed pair of Adapters that have the same opening size as the thickness of your device. But if your device’s thickness changes, you can purchase additional adapters in different sizes here. Or purchase the Universal Kit that comes with 12 sizes. For a snug fit, choose an opening size that closely matches the thickness of your device.


What size do I need?

Choose your device from the list below to select the recommended size for it.
Tip: Increase by one size (+0.5 mm) for glass screen protectors.



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Swap Adapters


Phones and cases change, but your Pocket Tripod PRO doesn’t have to. Easily replace your tripod’s Adapters with new ones that have the same opening size that of your new device.

1. Remove current adapters by rotating 180° in the direction shown.
2. Insert new adapters from the shown position

Perfect Size

15 available sizes, so that it fits your phone just right.

The size refers to the opening that grips on to the device. The smallest size being 5.5 mm (7/32 inch) and the largest being 12.5 mm (1/2 inch).
Browse through the lines of the visual aide on the right, to see this in action.


Measure Device Size

Package Contents


For Pocket Tripod PRO
Choice of size and color selected above



TPU soft contact with device

Guaranteed to last unlimited usage

Can be installed from both directions

Articulation Capability

0º-90º in Portrait

0º-90º in Landscape

Some devices may have a limited range, due to their size, shape and material.

General Specs

Opening size selected above

Manufactured in China

Fast Shipping

Orders are shipped from the US. We ship the next business day, except on major US holidays. Shipment is delivered by post (USPS), and delivers to your mailbox.

U.S. Regular Mail

$2No Tracking
  • USPS First Class Mail
  • Ships to all US states
  • Transit 1-3 business days once shipped

U.S. First Class Package

$4With Detailed Tracking
  • USPS First Class Mail package
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International First Class Package

$4With Partial Tracking
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  • Ships to 180 countries
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Can’t find what you’re looking for?

No problem, you just need to find out how thick your phone is, and order the matching size Pocket Tripod PRO.

How to measure your phone with a caliper 

Using a measurement tool like a Vernier caliper/scale, measure the thickness of your phone from the glass of the screen to the back of the case. You need the thickness of the phone at a distance of about 10 mm (0.4 Inches) from the edge, which is how deep it would fit into the Pocket Tripod PRO.

Keep in mind that if your case has a ridge to protect the screen, that may get in the way and result in a larger measured thickness than the actual distance from the screen to the back of the case. In this scenario, we recommend placing a small flat object on the screen first, and then subtracting its thickness from the total measurement.

The opening of the Pocket Tripod PRO is a little on the tight side to compensate for the rubberized soft contact. Once you’ve determined the thickness, choose the closest larger size to get a snug fit. For example, if you’ve measured a thickness of 9.85 mm, pick the 10.0 mm Pocket Tripod PRO.

All Sizes

How to measure your phone using our size templates 

If you don’t have access to a measurement tool, you can use one of our size templates instead. We call these templates “Fit Cards” and they have openings on them that match the same size and shape as the openings on the Pocket Tripod itself, all 15 sizes.

If you have access to a printer, or a 3D printer, we suggest downloading the files below. If not, we can mail one to you for 99¢.

Download PDF

Download 3D Printable files

Order a Fit Card for 99¢

Measuring the size of your device using a Fit Card is very simple.

  1. Hold your device in one hand, the Fit Card in the other.
  2. Place your device in an opening that is obviously larger than your device.
  3. Work your way through smaller openings until you find one that fits snugly.
  4. Note the size.
  5. Test to see if there is too much wiggle, if so, you can probably still fit the device in an opening that is one size smaller.
  6. Once you’ve determined the best size for your phone, pick it from the list of sizes.
Choose from the list of sizes

You’ve tried measuring your phone, but you still need help? 

Chat with us (the green button on the bottom right corner of the screen). Our support staff will be happy to assist you in any way they can. In some cases we might be able to give you an approximate size suggestion if you provide us with the make and model of your phone and case.

If we’re not online, just leave us a message and we’ll take care of you within a couple of business days.

If at any stage you need assistance, just ask us by clicking on the green button on the bottom right of the screen. We’re here to help.


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